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Fire Wire Industries is a Leader in the Fields of Steel and Pipe Fabrication


With our dedicated and knowledgeable workforce, Fire Wire has a vast array of experience in the Oil, Gas, Mining and Industrial arenas. We employ a crew of veteran welders, fabricators and machinists, who have made careers servicing the needs of the extraction and industrial construction industries. Not only do our more experienced veteran employees bring a lot to the table, but we are proud to say we have some of the most educated apprentices in the Basin working their way up through the ranks.

At Fire Wire, we can take your concepts and designs all the way from an idea to the reality of a finished product. Along with our many years of experience, we utilize state of the art equipment to ensure client demands and expectations are met with quality and craftsmanship. Our reputation for superior work is earned and reaffirmed with every project we complete.

Servicing the Oil, Gas, Mining and Industrial Construction Needs of the Powder River Basin and the Rocky Mountain West

Based in Gillette, Wyoming, Fire Wire is centrally located to meet the needs of clients, not only in the Powder River Basin, but also in neighboring states with thriving demand in the extraction industries. From pipeline repair, to complete rebuilds of heavy mining equipment, Fire Wire Industries has the experience, knowledge and equipment to see a project through to completion and customer satisfaction.

Our team consists of dedicated tradesmen who have dealt with the vast array of issues that can come up in the mining, oil and gas industries. We have the ability to meet your onsight needs of repair and construction while also maintaining fully equipped shop facilities for fabrication and manufacturing work.

Fire Wire also has a team of qualified machinists to tackle jobs in the shop, or in the field. We have the necessary tools and equipment that helps us ensure our customer’s equipment is back up and running in the shortest time possible.

Attention to detail and dedication to doing the job right the first time is why Fire Wire Industries remains at the top of the call list when a project needs done quickly and efficiently.

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Let Fire Wire Industries handle your welding and fabrication needs.

Why You Should Let Fire Wire Industries Handle your Fabrication, Welding and Machining Needs

Fire Wire Industries has a reputation for superior quality and craftsmanship.

We have a highly experienced and trained crew with the ability to look at the scope of a job and put a plan in place to fulfill a customer’s needs while saving both time and money.

Our fleet of equipment is maintained and ready to go at a moment's notice, day or night.

Employees of Fire Wire Industries work hard to exemplify the pride we take in our work and the relationships we maintain with our customers.

Doing the job safely and without incident is just as important as making sure it is done right.

Fire Wire Industries is fully insured and participates in several customer requested safety programs.

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Our efforts are combined to make complete the job safley and timely as possible while excuting perfection at every step.